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Counselling Sessions
Sessions are 1 Hour
As much notice as possible for cancellation please or fee may be payable.

I Offer Tiered Fees
It is my belief that many people have times when they may benefit from counselling, having a safe, confidential space, to be heard, reflect and heal, can be invaluable. It is with this in mind that I offer tiered fees, so those with low income can also access counselling.

  • £45.00 – for those able to offer this fee
  • £25.00 – for young people (18 – 24yrs) on minimum wage or UC
  • I am also happy to negotiate a fee that is fairly related to means

I work in the West Devon & North Cornwall area and also offer counselling online.

I offer a free 40 minute initial appointment
I understand the courage it requires to take the first step into counselling, it involves a deep and sometimes personal sharing. So I offer this first session for you to ask anything you need to ask about counselling, or my approach and to begin to describe what you would like from counselling. This gives you the opportunity to know if you feel safe and comfortable with me as your counsellor.

How to contact me

Please feel welcome to simply email me with the email below. Or text me with your name and best contact number.
OR ~ you may use the form opposite.

I will try to reply within 48 hours ~ if you don’t hear from me do try again as technology is not perfect.

Bodmin Moor

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